What is Electric Brighton?

Electric Brighton is a community initiative to encourage the transition to Electric and Low Emissions vehicles in Brighton & Hove, and beyond.

Climate change is already having a devastating impact on our world. We know that increased use of public transport, cycling and walking are all vital in our transition to a sustainable future. For those individuals and businesses who need to drive, transitioning to electric is a crucial part of reducing emissions. Decarbonising transport and, more broadly, our economy is helping to secure our collective future. With more people using Electric and Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles, there is a real chance to improve the air quality in our city and reduce carbon emissions, helping to tackle Climate Change.

We aim to help this transition by providing information and support for drivers considering the switch to an electric vehicle. We've detailed all the places to charge your car in Brighton & Hove, answered common questions about EVs and created a community of local drivers, providing insight into how people use electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the area.

Who are we?

  • Tom Kiss
    An EV owner and advocate, passionate about taking action on Climate Change and the transition to a low-carbon future. Tom set up Electric Brighton to help encourage drivers to switch from Petrol and Diesel vehicles in the city.
  • Damien Tanner
    Damien is an entrepreneur and investor with a strong focus on technology that has a positive impact on the world. He tries to live a low impact life with a low carbon footprint and sparse use of plastics.
  • Ben Sauer
    Is a strategic designer with experience in transport and government. He’d like to drive an EV, if only the infrastructure would let him.


If you'd like to talk to us about any aspect of owning an EV in Brighton & Hove, the content on our website or anything at all, please drop us an email or say hi on twitter.

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Our supporters

We're very grateful to have supporters helping us to spread our message. If you would like to help us in some way, please do get in touch with us.

We're pleased to say that Rivervale is a paid supporter of Electric Brighton, and it's a perfect partnership. Their Servicing and MOT centre at their Portslade site has Bosch certified technicians on hand for any electric vehicle servicing needs, and Rivervale leasing covers the full market of EVs. What's more, they are a specialist dealer of the Maxus eDeliver 3 electric van. So, it's great to be working together!

Our friends at online marketing agency Blu Mint Digital have provided their services to help us grow our social media following. Thanks guys!

Our website uses the fantastic Craft CMS and the really rather lovely people who make it, have gifted us a Pro license. Thank you so much!

Website design & development

Renewable website design and development courtesy of Dodeca Studio.

The lovely illustrations used on our site were produced by freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Sophie Carpenter. Thank you for working with us, Sophie!

Selected stock imagery on the site is from Unsplash, including work from Ashkan Forouzani and Goh Rhy Yan.

Rivervale Maxus (September 2020 promotion)