A Cleaner City

Businesses and groups working to reduce emissions in the city

Big Lemon Buses

The Big Lemon

Local bus company, The Big Lemon, has some hugely ambitious goals. They envision every community in the UK having access to affordable, sustainable transport with zero emissions, powered and owned by the local community.

Starting in 2007 with buses running on waste cooking oil from local pubs and restaurants, The Big Lemon is now expanding their fleet of buses with a new goal: to be the UK's first all-electric route network. With solar power at their bus depot to charge their rapidly growing fleet of electric buses, The Big Lemon are storming ahead in pursuit of their goals, setting a fine example for bus companies nationwide.

Btn Bike Share

Beryl BTN Bikes

Formerly the Brighton BikeShare, Brighton & Hove uses Beryl to allow anyone to hire bikes easily across the city. It's a fantastic and popular way to get around Brighton & Hove. Dotted around the city are a number of hubs, where the distinctive turquoise bikes of Brighton Beryl Bikes can be picked up and ridden around the city. Grab the Beryl App to get started!

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Breathe In Brighton

Breathe in Brighton

Poor air quality is to blame for a major health crisis in cities around the world, and Brighton is no exception. Local group Breathe in Brighton is working to bring together local residents, businesses and politicians to help address the real dangers of local air pollution and world together to create solutions.

Anyone can join in with Breathe in Brighton's local events and help raise awareness and create solutions.

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Zedify Deliveries


Zedify is a new logistics company that's taking the carbon out of delivery services in our inner cities. Operating locally in Brighton and expanding to cities across Europe, they deliver using bicycles with high capacity cargo holds, refilling their deliveries from electric vans used as mobile distribution hubs.

They're a great example of how existing business models can drastically reduce their carbon footprint, simultaneously benefitting public health and inner city congestion.

Electric Bikes Sussex Logo

Electric Bikes Sussex

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular way to get around. From a small electric motor, they can offer powered assistance when cycling, making headwinds and steep hills a breeze. Brighton Marina is home to Electric Bikes Sussex, one of the UK's leading electric bike retailers, who can offer helpful advice and introduction to these exciting new bicycles.

Roots & Hoots

Roots & Hoots

Local home-delivery service Roots and Hoots is tackling the major problem of plastic waste head-on. They're offering a huge range of refillable groceries, bathroom and beauty products - all plastic-free and delivered directly to homes across the city with their fully electric vans. Just perfect!

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