Stephen Grant

Comedian & TV presenter
Stephen's Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and BMW i3

How long have you been driving an EV?

2 years. And I have two of them! A Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and a pure electric BMW i3.

What was the biggest change for you in switching to an EV from petrol or diesel?

From a driving and commuting point of view, it really did highlight just how many of my journeys were short journeys, by virtue of how little I had to change my habits. And getting into the habit of charging it immediately after parking became 2nd nature very quickly.

That said, it was quite an effort getting wall chargers installed in my house! And the amounts of paperwork involved in getting the funds for your charger, purchasing the car, your congestion charge exception, your benefit in kind reduction certificate, the lease certification, the tax exemption... etc etc. It's not one for people who don't like a good form.

What is your favourite thing about driving an EV?

It's just so much better an experience. The power is on tap immediately, it's silent, and the time taken between starting the car and moving off is wildly quicker than with a car with a traditional engine. You might not think it's slow, but these days when I get in a 'normal' car and want to move off... ugh, I feel like I should have brought a crossword or something.  

Rupert Loman

Founder, Gamer Network

Over the coming years the car industry is going to change dramatically and it's going to be fascinating to see the impact these developments will have on the environment, on city centres, on car ownership, safety and more. The EV community reminds me of the online gaming community from 20 years ago and it's really exciting to be involved in the beginning of the EV revolution, albeit in a small way!

Jack Fadell

Local driver and owner of

How long have you been driving an EV? 

Since December 2014.

What was the biggest change for you in switching to an EV from petrol or diesel? 

Fuel cost savings inspired me to look. Then, after a test drive, it was everything else.

What is your favourite thing about driving an EV? 

Loads of things. It's too difficult to pick one, but maybe in order they would be: the acceleration; not causing any air pollution for others, especially around the school gate; the torque on hills (leaves most fuel cars far behind); the silent stress-free drive, especially the regenerative braking and one pedal drive; novelty of electric starting (no engine noise - my passengers and neighbours love this too).

I think most people are now aware of the potential fuel savings with EV's. Petrol is a heavily taxed commodity at 61% +20% Vat in the UK.

During my ICE-age, I was spending £60 per week on fuel for my petrol car, which was a whopping £240 per month. Or another way I looked at it: I was spending £1,700 a year in extra tax!

You should consider putting this crazy waste of fuel money towards owning an electric car. Isn't it better that you benefit rather than the tax man? Your mileage will probably remained the same too. After all, over 90% of our journeys are local and under 50 mi per day, well within the range of a single EV charge.

Any other thoughts?

By 2040, when the last new fuel cars are no longer available in the UK, I will have been driving a pure electric car for a quarter of a century already. My advice to anyone would be not to leave it that long to experience the fun of owning one!

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