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How do you use Brighton's lamp post EV chargers?

Lamp-post charger, Richmond Street in Brighton.

A lamp post charger in Richmond Street, patiently awaiting its next customer.

In Spring 2020, Brighton had over 200 new chargers installed in lamp posts across the city. This huge increase in charging infrastructure is helping to pave the way for more people to ditch their petrol or diesel engines and switch to an electric vehicle. Anyone can use the lamp post chargers, which are straightforward to use, although some are in locations more suited to residents than visitors.

Find a suitable location

First, find a lamp post charger. You can do this using our map of charging locations in Brighton, note the parking zone. Most charge points are either:

  1. Paid and residents. This means visitors can pay to park in the spaces for a set time, or residents with permits at any time.
  2. Residents only during daytime hours.

Almost all on-street locations are available to park in overnight for free between 8pm-9am, but always check parking conditions on arrival.

Most lamp post chargers do not have reserved bays, meaning that they could be parked in by other non-electric vehicles, which you won't know until you arrive at the location. However, some locations do have reserved bays and our map will show thos.

Get charging

Once you have found a charger, using it is simple:

  1. Ensure you have installed the EB Charging smartphone app and registered an account.
  2. Connect your vehicle to the charge point.
  3. In the smartphone app, choose Charge your car and then Enter ID.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to begin your charge.

To get an idea of what they're like to use, here's the local @YoungEVDriver showing us how it's done...

Local EV owner and enthusiast @YoungEVDriver demonstrates how to use the lamp post chargers.

Article last updated on March 19th 2022.