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What advantages do electric vans offer?

There are over 4 million licensed vans in the UK, driving over 50 billion miles a year - an estimated 76% of which are for business purposes. Vans are a vital asset for many UK businesses, and with more business owners looking to the future, many will be wondering what advantages electric vans can offer over their diesel and petrol counterparts.

Cost Savings

Although some electric vans can be more expensive to purchase than their diesel counterparts, their running costs can be considerably lower, offering opportunity to save money on fuel, tax and maintenance costs. The cost of electricity is generally lower than petrol or diesel fuel, meaning reduced fuel expenses. Electric vans also require less maintenance due to their simplified drivetrains, leading to potential long-term cost savings in terms of servicing and upkeep.

The Energy Savings Trust has published a helpful guide on Lowering Van Costs and Emissions.

Fuel Cost Stability

Historically, petrol and diesel prices are prone to price volatility and although electricity prices have risen in recent years, the cost of electricity is more stable. This stability means predictability, enabling businesses to better forecast and manage their operating costs more effectively. Larger businesses with warehouses that may support solar on their rooftops, can also benefit from charging some of their fleet using solar energy captured during the day.

Financial Incentives

The UK government offers the plug-in vehicle grant for small and large vans to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, the Workplace Charger Scheme for helping businesses to install charge points for their electric fleets. These incentives significantly reduce the upfront purchase cost of electric vans, making them much more financially viable.

Noise Reduction

Electric vans operate quietly, especially at lower speeds, which is particularly beneficial in UK urban areas where noise pollution is a concern. The reduced noise isn't just beneficial to local residents outside the van either. In 2021 a study by Psycho-Acoustician Dr Duncan Williams, found that drivers of electric vans showed fewer signs of stress than those in diesel vehicles, including drivers having lower heart rates, less sweat and lower body temperatures. Calmer outside, calmer inside!

Rivervale: Electric Van Specialists in Brighton & Hove

Rivervale: Electric Van Specialists in Brighton & Hove

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They sell both the Maxus eDeliver 3, whose short wheelbase size is ideal for inner city deliveries, and the larger Maxus eDeliver 9 that can tackle those bigger jobs, with up to 11m³ of storage space. Both models are available with larger battery packs for more demanding journey requirements, and Rivervale's network of specialist vehicle converters can ensure total versatility whether you need a minibus, camper van, tipper, or ambulance!

And incase those electric vans aren't quite what your business needs, Rivervale Maxus also stock the T90EV pick-up truck, that can take up to a 1000kg payload on or off-road, all whilst providing a spacious, modern interior with digital touchscreen and all mod-cons.

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Enhanced Driving Experience

Electric vans offer instant torque and smooth acceleration, giving drivers that extra Ooompfh! every time the vehicle stars. It's a responsive and enjoyable driving experience. The immediate torque allows for swift acceleration from a standstill, enhancing the vehicle's overall performance. Furthermore, the lower centre of gravity resulting from battery placement enhances stability, handling, and overall driving dynamics.

Dedicated Charging Infrastructure

The UK has seen a rapid expansion of dedicated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In 2022, over 8,700 new charge points were installed in the UK and this trend is continuing. With more charge points in public places, workplaces, and commercial areas there are even more convenient ways to access to charging stations, ensuring that electric van owners can easily find a suitable charging spot.

Long-term Resale Value

The last few years has shown that electric vehicles are seeing lower depreciation than their diesel counterparts. The growing demand for sustainable transportation enhances the desirability and market value of electric vans. Businesses investing in electric vans can anticipate favourable resale prices in the future, offering potential higher returns on their investment.

Environmental Friendliness

It may sound like an obvious one, but electric vans emit zero tailpipe emissions, making them highly environmentally friendly and contributing to the reduction of air pollution and combatting climate change. This significantly improves air quality in urban areas, creating healthier cities and reducing noise pollution.

Brand Image and Public Perception

More and more consumers are choosing environmentally conscious businesses to spend their money with. Embracing electric vehicles demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and that can enhance the brand of a business. By incorporating electric vans into their fleet, companies can attract those environmentally conscious customers who prioritise supporting eco-friendly practices.

Article last updated on June 7th 2023.