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What financial support is available for owning an electric car?

In addition to reduced fuel costs, as low as 2p per mile, there are a number of ways to receive financial support in the switch to electric and low-emission vehicles:

Support from the Government:

  • Plug-in car, van and motorcycle grants, offering:
    • 35% of the cost of a car, up to a maximum of £3,500.
    • 20% of the cost of a van, up to a maximum of £8,000.
    • 20% of the cost of a motorcycle, up to a maximum of £1,500.
  • Electric Vehicle Home charge Scheme (EVHS) offering:
    • Provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle charge points at domestic properties across the UK.
  • Electric Vehicle Work charge Scheme (WCS) offering:
    • Support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge points, for eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations.
  • Vehicle Tax Rates:
    • £0 VED for electric and ultra-low emissions vehicles.
    • Reduced tax rates for company vehicles.
  • London Congestion Charge :
    • Ultra-low emission vehicles are exempt from the London congestion charge.

Support from Brighton & Hove Council:

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