Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main EV charging networks in Brighton?

There are a multitude of EV charging networks operating across the UK and Europe, allowing electric vehicles to travel almost anywhere with a road.

Here in Brighton, the charging networks operating are currently:

  • EB Charging - In Spring 2020, EB Charging (formerly Electric Blue) took over operation of all of the council-run charging points across Brighton. That includes the network of 200 lamp post chargers, plus other on-street chargers, those in Brighton's council car parks and rapid chargers.
  • Polar Network - This includes Polar Instant (pay-as-you-go) and Polar Plus (membership), which are all part of BP Chargemaster.
  • Charge Your Car - Known as "CYC", they were the previous charge point operator, working in partnership with the council. The chargers which they operate now are mostly those in private car parks across the city.
  • Pod-Point - They operate public charge points like the ones at Hove and Brighton stations, but also manufacture their charge points for people to buy and install at their homes.
  • LiFe Network - Franklin Energy operates the LiFe network, which runs the chargers in the Churchill Square Shopping Centre car park.
  • Shell Recharge - The LiFe charging points at Churchill Square are also accessible via the Shell Recharge network.

Across the rest of the South Coast, there are a few more, including Charge Point Genie, Ecotricity, Source London, Energise and Tesla.

Article last updated on March 19th 2022.