An electric car club for Brighton & Hove

January 7th 2021

Electric Brighton Car Club

Electric Brighton's purpose is to help encourage petrol and diesel vehicle drivers to switch to electric vehicles, reducing their carbon footprint and helping to reduce air pollution in the city. It's a purpose which can sometimes feel at odds with another truth - that there are too many private vehicles on the roads, leading to congestion and pollution hot spots. With the average car spending over 95% of its lifetime parked, there surely has to be a better way of providing the convenience of owning a private vehicle without quite so many of them sitting around unused. So, when Peter Clarke from the Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust contacted us to talk about setting up a community car-sharing co-operative - we were very excited by the idea.

The project has since been gathering momentum, and there's now a new community group set up to run the car club, in partnership with Co Cars and Electric Brighton. We're super pleased to be a part of this great idea to help bring an all-electric, community-led and non-profit car club to the city!

How you can help!

To help understand the demand for a car club and how the scheme could operate, we're running a survey for all those who would be interested in joining. The feedback we gather will help make a case for the project, plus it will help identify the areas of the city where car club vehicles will have the most benefit. Your input will be invaluable when we discuss our plans with Brighton & Hove City Council.

So, if you'd consider joining an all-electric car club, please fill out the survey below - and you can find out more on our new electric car club page.

Note: The survey and car club mailing list is being operated by Co Cars.