Electric Brighton Newsletter - Autumn 2018

September 29th 2018

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Welcome to our Electric Brighton Autumn newsletter - and if you're new, thank you for joining our Hug the Plug campaign. There's lots of charger news this month, as Council plans spring into action following the successful OLEV grant from Government.

Local news

New chargers for Hanover and Elm Grove

New chargers in Hanover

Brighton & Hove Council has installed new chargers in Hanover, on Islingword Road and Bernard Place, both operated on the Charge Your Car network.

Both locations now include twin 7kWh Chargemaster charging posts, capable of charging two vehicles at a time. The Lewes Road location is ideal for residents and Lewes Road shoppers alike, and should provide a much needed alternative to the Ditchling Road chargers when they are busy. The Bernard Place chargers are in the heart of Elm Grove's residential side streets, perfect for EV owners living in the area. Both chargers are now live.

You can find out more and check availability on our new charging location pages for Islingword Road and Bernard Place.

10 new chargers on Lewes Road

New Lewes Rd chargers

The Charge Your Car network has recently installed 5 new twin 7kWh chargers in the Pavilion retail park on Lewes Road. These chargers arrive alongside a new Costa Coffee, Hobbycraft and upcoming Aldi superstore, which expand on the existing B&Q and Halfords at the location.
Unfortunately this location has had some teething issues, so if you do encounter any problems using these chargers, do make sure that Charge your Car are made aware via their helpline on 0191 265 0500.

Find out more on our new Pavilion Park charger location page.

Lamp post charging trial begins

CityEV trial

Lamp post charging network CityEV has just launched it's trial in Brighton of their CityEV 3.6kW lamp post charge units.

The chargers have been popping up around the city, with 5 locations so far, in new areas to existing chargers. They can be found in Waldegrave Road (near Five ways), Montpelier Road (near Waitrose), Maresfield Road (near Manor Hill in Whitehawk) and Norton Road and Ventnor Villas (in Hove). They use a standard Type 2 cable and run at 16A, the lower current being provided by the lamp posts is ideal for overnight charging in the residential streets they are all located in. There are no reserved bays for these chargers, however parking options are still being considered by the council. If the trial is successful, hundreds more will be deployed throughout the city next year at which point it's expected that their ubiquity should improve the overall availability.

You can charge from the lamp post units using the Plugsurfing app and they're free to use during the trial period. If you use these new chargers, let us know via twitter how you get on!

A Cleaner City

Breathe in Brighton

This summer we attended local air quality group, Breathe in Brighton's event at the Brighthelm centre, where we learnt about some of the devastating effects air pollution is having on our health but also heard about some of the great work by local businesses on the issue. To highlight their efforts we've created a new page on electricbrighton.com to showcase them all. If you know someone who is doing good work in this area, let us know!

Find out more at electricbrighton.com/city.

Sussex EVs meetup

Sussex EVs

Friendly local EV owners group, Sussex EVs are having their next meetup on October 14th. If you'd like to chat with fellow EV owners and discuss everything there is to love about owning an EV, sign up to the Sussex EVs facebook group and find out more.

EV news

How much does an EV cost to charge?

2018 Summer - Per kWh costs of UK charging networks for 7kW Fast Chargers

We were surprised to find that there aren't many comparisons out there of the main UK charging networks. So we decided to review what's available and compare them to each other and petrol and diesel prices, by asking the question: How much does it cost to travel the average monthly mileage with each network?

Well, the results are quite surprising! Did you know you can pay more for a rapid charge than you would for travelling the same mileage with diesel? Did you know you can spend less money than charging at home by charging on public network fast chargers? Well, we didn't!

You can read our report to find out more.

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