Welcome to Electric Brighton!

April 12th 2017

For the past few months, we've been working hard creating ElectricBrighton.com, a new website to promote electric vehicles in Brighton & Hove.

Brighton has been a city supporting electric vehicles for many years. With its first electric vehicle charger installed way back in 2009, there are now over 50 charging points around the city, often offering free charging and even free parking. Which is great news, because there have never been as many electric and plug-in vehicles on UK roads as there are now.

As Climate Change continues to affect the world we live in and inner city pollution levels create an increasing number of health problems for the people living there; more people are making changes to their lives to reduce their own impact on the environment. Switching to electric and ultra-low emissions vehicles makes our air cleaner, our streets quieter and reduces our carbon emissions; improving the quality of life for everyone.

Electric Brighton provides clear, detailed information about the public charging facilities available in Brighton & Hove, including photo directions of how to find them, parking fees, charging network information and live availability status. We've also a simple FAQ and some information on how you can take a local test drive to discover the electric vehicles available on the market today. Over time, we hope to create a community of local EV drivers who can help to provide insight in to how people use the facilities in the area, providing feedback with an aim to assisting in future infrastructure developments.

Please find us on twitter and say hi, or grab yourself an Electric Brighton bumper sticker.