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Is there a Tesla Supercharger in Brighton?

Tesla Brighton Opening Date

It's like a cat chasing its own tail. Will we ever catch the target opening?

No, there isn't.

But there will be! Apparently. At least what we've been told.

There's a not-very-funny story about it, actually. It was way, way back in the distant times of 2017, a time when many EV owners were just a twinkle in the petrol cap of their previous cars, when Tesla announced that Brighton would be a future Supercharging location. They revealed a Supercharger was scheduled to be opened here before the end of 2018! Owners eagerly scoured the internet for any news of the new charging station. Slowly, as time ticked on, soon after the leaves had fallen and Christmas time arrived - there was still no Supercharger in Brighton. Or Hove.

But hope arrived in the form of a website update. The Tesla website was indeed updated, just in the nick of time, to announce that the target opening had been pushed back - to 2019. Suddenly, things were not quite so bad for Tesla owners, for they at least had something else to look forward to as their hopes and dreams for the new year of 2019 grew ever brighter.

2019 rolled on. Mostly, it was an uneventful "normal" kind of year (there was something about protests, something about Brexit and something about Trump etc). Tesla owners once again kept their eyes peeled for updates. Some even went out and bought the newly released Model 3, safe in the knowledge that there was a Supercharger coming to town. But, the painful memories of 2018 came to haunt them again, as the end of the year arrived and still, there was no news of a Supercharger. Would the website give them precious news in the final hours of the year? Nope. Nothing.

2020 had arrived. Days passed, still with no news. The website still said 2019. Stuck in a realm of the unknown, Tesla owners couldn't fathom what was happening. Was it ever even real? Then, their questions were answered by.... another sodding website update. The update revealed, that finally, Brighton would indeed be getting a Supercharger. In... 2020. OK, so this current year, apparently?


The Philosiraptor thinks it's just some sort of sick mind game.

Was this a trick? Who was operating this website and were they at all connected to the people deciding when and where to install Superchargers? No one knew anymore. But the website had been updated. And it said 2020, so... people figured it was to be believed. What else could they do?

2020 was another normal year, just like any– No, wait. 2020 was not like any other year. It was a total curveball. Surely this meant that, unlike all the other years, there WOULD be a Supercharger installed in Brighton? SURELY? Owners waited. This year they called it "waiting from home". They waited from home, whilst watching the spring, summer and autumn pass by. Still, no Supercharger. When 2020 finally drew to its miserable end, was there a Supercharger to be seen anywhere in the city? Was there ****. Again, nothing. So, what would 2021 do differently? Well, as it turns out, when the website finally, finally updated, the target opening had been pushed back not by one, but by two years. For the first time, it had been pushed back a whole two years. What a curveball indeed.

So all this rambling is essentially to say - it's on its way. But we've no idea what to believe anymore. It's a developing story. Just a really, really, really slow and boring one. But - we remain hopeful.

For more information, check out Tesla's page on Brighton, on their map of Supercharging locations.

Article last updated on May 25th 2021.