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Frequently Asked Questions

What Rapid Chargers are available in Brighton?

Brighton has one Rapid Charger at Withdean Leisure Centre, which supports 50kW CCS, 50 kW CHAdeMO and 43kW Rapid AC charging.

Unfortunately, the Rapid Charger at Withdean has had its fair share of problems in recent years. Thankfully the Council has four new Rapid Charging Hubs planned for the city, due to be installed during 2020. They will be built as rapid charging hub for taxis; which will also be available for use by the public until such time that taxi uptake requires all the bays. The new locations are proposed as:

All these locations, and more, are visible on our map of Planned EV Chargers for Brighton & Hove.

Article last updated on June 2nd 2020.