Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a parking ticket for parking in an EV-only bay?

Yes, in most places where parking enforcement operates, tickets can be issued.

Marked bays which say "Electric Vehicles only" normally mean that only electric vehicles may park there whilst charging. Understandably, it can be frustrating for drivers of electric vehicles who may need to refuel their cars, to have facilities blocked by other vehicles (often referred to as "ICE'ing"). Enforcement practices will, of course, vary across the country in different parking spaces. Whenever parking, always check the conditions upon arrival.

In Brighton & Hove

Here in Brighton, parking enforcement officers can issue parking tickets for any non-electric vehicles parked in a marked bay. They can also issue tickets for electric vehicles in marked bays which are not actually charging OR who have exceeded any stated maximum period for parking there.

Article last updated on July 27th 2020.