EB Charging set to raise costs in line with wholesale prices

June 9th 2022

The increase comes following huge rises in the cost of wholesale electricity over the past 9 months.

EB Charging are one of the last national operators to increase prices, with other nationwide networks like Source London, BP Pulse, Geniepoint and Ionity raising prices multiple times since wholesale prices started rising.

The price increases in Brighton & Hove are as follows:

Charger typePrevious costCost from June 20th 2022
Lamp post Charger26p/kWh39p/kWh
Fast Charger26p/kWh39p/kWh
Rapid Charger27p/kWh44p/kWh

It's not all bad though - the new prices are still below many other networks and are infact - still below the averages which we've recorded on our Charge Network Comparison over on Leccy.net. You can see comparisons over there for Slow, Fast and Rapid charging prices on leading national charge point operators.

For more information on the price changes, please see the Council's official announcement from earlier in the week.