Electric Brighton Newsletter - Spring 2022

April 1st 2022

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Here's our quarterly round-up of local news and goings-on in the world of Electric Vehicles in Brighton & Hove.

Local news

Next round of bay marking announced

Ev bays

Traffic regulation orders have been published for the next round of bay-marking. If successful, these orders will see dedicated EV-only bays adding to existing lamp post chargers, helping to prevent blocking and improving access.

The proposed locations are:

See one near you on there? If you would like to show your support for any of these proposed bays, public comments are invited until April 8th, and you can comment online reference TRO-9a-2022.

If you have trouble accessing a lamp post charger near you, be sure to let the Council's EV team know so that they can track demand, electric.vehicles@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Results of our 2021 EV Owners survey available online


A big thank-you to everyone who took part in our EV Owners Survey at the end of last year - we had our largest survey response to date with over 100 people taking part.

Earlier this year we published the results of the survey. The results highlighted common problems users are experiencing, although they did show some improvement from the previous year. Many local users remain frustrated with access and the reliability of the charge points. Brighton & Hove City Council responded to address some of the issues raised - it's good to see that work continues to improve the local network over time.

Here's a few key points from our report below. Read our full report for more detail.

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Local EV ownership update

Ownership updates 1250

The latest Government data for Q3 2021 shows a continued increase for plug-in and battery electric vehicles, with the total registered vehicles now standing at 1252. Of those, 792 are battery-electric, which continue to rise slightly faster than those of plug-in hybrids.

You can see these numbers on our page about EV ownership figures for Brighton & Hove.

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